About Me

My full name is Alexander (Sandy for short) Nathan Anthony Cottingham although I generally say it as Sandy Alexander Horatio Nathan Anthony Crossley-Cottingham as to include all nicknames and both surnames.

I like programming and I currently program HTML, PHP, CSS, jQuery, AS2, VB.NET and I’m starting Python. I like programming websites, it let’s the creative part of my mind get a bit of exercise.
I like playing chess, I was the Blue School’s Chess Grand Master since the beginning of the chess club until I finished 6th Form (roughly 2 years).
I also play the Piano, whereas I don’t have lessons I learn from sheet music and by ear.  My current project is Beethoven Sonata 14 moonlight first movement.

I greatly dislike being annoyed but then again I think most people do. I have to put up with the manic-ness of a hyperactive 13 year old brother so my shield of patience has been greatly strengthened.

General info:
I’m 18 years old I live in Somerset, UK and have a pet cat. I’m also what some people refer to as a “Fanatic Christian”. I work at the British Heart Foundation and the rest is shown throughout my blog.